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Rocket Lawyer Raises 223m from Vista Credit Partners: PressMan at Fortune

Rocket Lawyer, a leading online legal services provider, has received $223 million in funding from Vista Credit Partners to fuel its global growth says Aaron Pressman at Fortune.

Rocket Lawyer provides legal documents and virtual attorney meetings to businesses and individuals in the U.S., U.K., and parts of Europe. Customers pay $40 monthly for a subscription or individual documents, from $40 for a simple living will to $100 for an incorporation filing.

CEO Charley Moore, who practiced law in Silicon Valley before founding Rocket Lawyer in 2008, believes the company’s mission is simple: why can’t regular people receive the same quality legal assistance and tools that well-funded, venture-backed businesses and wealthy individuals do?

Rocket Lawyer has over 1,000 online documents available, with an attorney’s advice. Marshal living will is the firm’s first online document.

Rocket Lawyer Raises 223m from Vista Credit Partners: PressMan at Fortune

Venture capitalists are investing in a variety of legal startups to revolutionize the traditional legal profession. Rocket Lawyer, which has raised about 223m in rounds of venture capital.

Despite not wanting to disclose specifics, Moore says Rocket Lawyer is growing at a “very nice clip.” For a few years, the fastest growing part of the business has been persuading large and medium-sized businesses to offer Rocket Lawyer as a benefit to their employees.

Moore, a black CEO in Silicon Valley, has described racial incidents and racial profiling as part of his personal experience. George Floyd’s murder, which has three sons, further alarmed him. To assist, Moore developed Rocket Lawyer’s mobile app, Rocket Evidence.

Moore cites a line from Hamlet’s most celebrated oration to clarify the objective: ” terminate the misery and the thousand natural wounds that human flesh is heir to.”

Video recording is catching these thousand natural calamities, he says. Video evidence, he says, has become an essential ingredient in assuring justice.

According to Moore, Rocket Lawyer’s attorneys review every upload to ensure that it complies with the law. “We can turn your challenges into our problems,” he says. “Someone will assist you with your challenges, if you have them, by using video evidence.

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