Why are Tractor Trailer Accidents So Terrifying?
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Why are Tractor Trailer Accidents So Terrifying?

Tractor-trailer accidents are extremely dangerous. The reason? 

Let’s learn what makes these accidents so tragic and what you need to go through if you are injured in a tractor-trailer accident. 

Also, why is it essential to seek the guidance of a skilled tractor-trailer accident attorney


Weight and Size Are the Reasons for Serious Tractor Trailer Accidents 

Regarding weight and size, tractor-trailers have obvious size differences compared to the typical passenger car. 

In most cases, these differences cause the destruction that occurs when there is a bigger collision between a car and a tractor-trailer. 

On other occasions, accidents with truck crashes can be terrifying. 

  • A tractor-trailer can weigh about 80,000 pounds, while if you consider an average passenger vehicle it can weigh about 3,500 pounds. 

There is a huge difference in weight. The maximum weight of tractor-trailers or other large trucks is about 23 times more than that of smaller motor vehicles. 

Depending on these details, a crash between a truck and a car can surely cause huge injuries. 

  • Due to the increased weight, it is important for the tractor-trailers to get a space of at least 350 feet to come to a stop if they are traveling 60 miles in an hour. 

If you want a better idea, you need to know that a football field is about 360 feet long. So, on average, a tractor-trailer needs the length of a football field to stop if it is covering 60 miles in an hour. 

Of course, it can otherwise increase the number of serious injuries involved in large truck crashes.

  • The tractor-trailers are long and wide. It creates a problem with moveability as trucks have difficult steering, which causes accidents. 

It is obviously a reason that leads to the truck crashes. 

  • Some trucks even carry flammable, explosive, or other hazardous materials. In those situations when cargo vehicles are involved in a crash, even a minor accident can cause major destruction. 

Other Factors Involved in a Truck Accident 

Undoubtedly, the larger trucks’ size and loads make it difficult for the driver to drive carefully. However, you need to know that along with the size, there are various other factors involved that cause large truck accidents. 

Some factors include – 

Truck Driver Fatigue

Driving while feeling drowsy increases the risk of accidents. This is especially true when it comes to a truck accident. Usually, the most common cause of an accident is driver fatigue, which can be caused when a driver drives for long hours without taking breaks. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has created strict rules for commercial drivers, including how many hours they can drive. 

To comply with those Federal laws, truck drivers need to log their driving times in their log books. 

However, most truck drivers make false entries and drive longer hours than they are allowed. It is the main cause of large truck crashes. 

Aggressive driving causes truck accidents. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stated in a study that in 2005, 6.6% of the larger truck accidents were caused due to aggressive driving. 

Depending on the aggressive level of driving, the injured person can be entitled to punitive and compensatory damages.  

Speeding tractor trailers 

These are extremely dangerous because of the weight and length of the large trucks. Today, most of the tractor trailers carry a “black box” that stores information, including the speed involved. You can analyze the data stored in these black boxes during truck accidents to help determine the fault and liability of the person. 

Unbalanced loads or overloaded trucks 

The overloaded trucks make it extremely difficult to drive. If a truck is overloaded or unbalanced, tractor-trailer drivers frequently experience truck accidents. 

The reason behind the accidents could be difficulty in stopping or steering, brake failures, tire blowouts, and overturning. 


Maintaining larger trucks and their safety is expensive, so most companies try to cut down on expenses by cutting maintenance costs. 

But it is where they make a mistake. Poor maintenance can cost more because the faulty equipment on the roads can cause accidents and even cost lives. 

Intoxicated or drug-influenced driving

You need to know that when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, driving can be extremely dangerous. 

Indeed, trucking companies should randomly test their drivers, but there are times when an impaired driver is not chosen for testing. 

But little less they know is that the impaired truck drivers can be a serious threat to the lives of those on the road. The result of an accident can be terrifying. 

Distracted driving and driver errors

You must be aware that distracted driving can cause many accidents. However, when a driver drives while eating, texting, or adjusting navigation, the consequences can be scary. 

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2021, there were about 3,522 people who were killed due to distracted driving. 

The reason was crossing red lights and causing serious crashes that involved major injuries. 

Talk to a Lawyer First

If you have been injured in an accident with larger trucks or tractor-trailers, you need to contact a trucking company representative for insurance. 

Sometimes, the insurance companies working for a trucking company on their own call the injured parties when the truck accidents happen. 

However, before making a call to an insurance company, it is advisable to get help from an experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer. Most lawyers provide a free consultation to discuss what you can receive as compensation. 

No matter if an insurance company is contacting you or not, it is essential to seek legal advice from a truck accident lawyer. 

With a tractor-trailer crash, doing an investigation is essential to successfully receive an amount for the damage involved in the case. 

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