Explore the vital role of "what is an elder law attorney." Understand their specialized services and how they support the elderly community.

What is an Elder Law Attorney: Understanding Their Vital Role

Elder law attorneys do some of the best, kindest, and most important legal work in the entire legal system, but what is an elder law attorney? Elder law attorneys are lawyers who specialize in offering legal services for seniors.

Elder law isn’t one area of law (such as criminal law or contract). Rather, this term refers to all the legal services and problems that senior citizens commonly face.

Elder law attorneys need to be skilled in various legal disciplines because problems affecting seniors occur in multiple legal fields. Learn more in this short guide.


Elder Law: An Overview

The first notable area of elder care law is the web of laws, institutions, and legal principles involved with medical care. Healthcare, in general, sits at the center of contract law, insurance law, and tort law and can even stretch to include anti-discrimination laws. This means that an elder care legal advisor needs a detailed understanding of all the laws that govern these institutions and the tenacity to deal with their paperwork.

To be a true elder law specialist, the lawyer must also have a good grasp of everything covered by wills, trusts, estates, and probate laws. With these skills, the lawyer can help clients protect and manage their legacies for the good of their heirs. They can also help seniors fight against anyone trying to exploit them.

Lastly, some elder law attorneys’ work can also involve financial management. It’s more common for attorneys to outsource this to true financial experts, but there are plenty of elder lawyers with competencies in finance as well.

What Is an Elder Law Attorney

Because elder law is so vast, an “elder law attorney” can be any lawyer with proficiencies in some or most of the relevant legal areas. You can get attorneys who provide general legal services for seniors and deal primarily with advice and admin.

You also get a senior legal advocate who deals only with one specific issue. An example of such a practitioner would be a trial lawyer who litigates only elder insurance claims or opposed will cases.

Choosing an Elder Care Legal Advisor

Looking for the right lawyer or law firm is vital to getting what you need for the right price. A general elder law attorney can help with more straightforward cases at much less cost.

If you have a very complex case (usually because of a well-represented opponent), then you may need specialist services. Larger firms tend to have both types of attorneys working under the same roof.

Lastly, if you want to find the best lawyer in any field, ask another (different type of) lawyer who they recommend.

Find Top-Notch Legal Assistance for Seniors

Elder law attorneys are lawyers who help some of the most vulnerable members of society. They deal with estates, wills, healthcare, insurance, financial planning, and every other legal issue that seniors face.

Some elder law attorneys focus on helping with administrative tasks and evidence gathering. Others are specialist advisors and litigators. All of them, however, engage in the blanket legal field of “elder law.” 

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