What are the most common workers' compensation injuries and how do they affect the claims process? Find out in this brief guide.
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What Are the Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries?

Do you have a workers’ compensation policy and aren’t sure what it covers? Even though only specific types of injuries get considered, you might not know what they are. If so, we have the answers you need!

Generally, workers compensation injuries occur on the job or due to the work. It can be due to exposure to materials or caused by various work activities. But you should also note that you only have a limited time to file your claim and collect the benefits.

So, here are some of the common workers’ compensation benefits you can use as a guide. Let’s start!


Strain or Sprain

A strain or sprain is one of the more straightforward work related injuries you can experience. It happens when your ligaments get torn or stretched from falling, twisting, or pulling.

It usually happens when employees do repetitive tasks that involve lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects. If work activity causes you to have an awkward posture, sprains or strains are also likely to occur. But note it’s also easy to prevent.


You qualify for workers comp insurance if you get burned due to work materials or equipment. These can occur if the industry you work in exposes you to chemicals or if you work in production.

Note that burns don’t only refer to physical ones. It also includes internal burns, possibly from inhaling fumes or smoke.


Employees whose work involves a lot of physical activity or moving can get bruised. It happens when you end up bumping into something with too much force, having something fall on you, or if you fall from somewhere.

With contusions, your bruises can range from being a significant concern to only a slight problem. Either way, it still counts as a workers comp personal injury if the cause is work activity or it happened in the workplace.

Eye Issues

In most industries, companies require their employees always to wear protective gear. One of the most common pieces of equipment for it is safety goggles.

Without them, you could be exposed to eye issues, depending on your material or environment. Although you can file workers compensation claims for it, it’s still a severe issue. Many recommend preventing it instead.


You can experience deep cuts or tears in your skin caused by different machinery in the workplace. Although these often happen due to lack of focus or work rushes, you can get a workers’ comp lawyer to help you defend it.

Lacerations can either be minor or severe based on the depth of the cut. Sometimes, it can cause further complications, so filing your claim sooner is best.


Forced trauma or overuse are two primary reasons you can experience fractures at work. It might be a common occurrence if your job mainly revolves around manual labor. Even so, it could still happen anywhere.

It’s a severe injury, so be careful in choosing workers compensation law firm to help you with it. You should also seek medical attention sooner if this is the case.

Find Out About Common Workers Compensation Injuries Right Now

You can experience different work-related accidents, but not everything counts as workers compensation injuries. So, knowing the common damages can help you identify if your case matters.

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