The Law: Pa Attorney Groups in the State

The Law: Pa Attorney Groups in the State

            Law and order are a prevalent force in the world, one that helps keep order, stability, and safety available to all. The practice of law and order is just as important, as it is its practitioners- be they attorneys, judges, or peacekeepers such as the police, that help ensure that such is available to all.

Law and order are a vital piece of our economy, so shouldn’t we learn more about the people who practice it? And I don’t speak of the police offers or the judges, the military, or the other armed forces. No dear readers, the branch of practitioners that I speak of, are the lawyers, or as they are also known as, the attorneys.

What are Attorneys?

            Attorneys are individuals who are admitted into practicing the law in at least one section of it. They are those who have authorization to perform both criminal and civil legal proceedings on the behalf of those who they represent, the clients. They are known by a variety of names across the world, from attorneys, lawyers, or solicitors but their practice and function are just the same.

What They Do and How They Do It

            So how do attorneys do their job? Well within the law of course; that would be the simplest answer. Though the truth of it is a bit more intricate, and much more diverse than that, there are a variety of attorneys that specialize in a further variety of subjects within the law. These can include traffic law, criminal law, divorce law, the list can go on and on.

Where Are They Based?

            Attorneys can be found anywhere in the world that practices law and order, from the United Kingdom to the United States, and everywhere in between. The latter especially, has a high volume of lawyers, since as of the year 2020, there have been over 1.3 million known lawyers currently in service to the country’s justice system ( ). And as big as that number is, it is sure to continue growing.

            Lawyers can work independently, but in most cases you will find them being a part of a larger organization such as a firm, which is basically an attorney group. These are also found throughout the world, and to name them all would be a grand endeavor, too grand for this article’s length. So for simplicity’s sake, and you, the reader’s time, we will be going over the attorney groups listed in Pennsylvania.

How Popular Are Attorneys in Pennsylvania?

            Pennsylvania has no shortage of law practitioners. As of the year 2022, there have been over 49,000 law practitioners operating within the state. It’s no difficult to see such either, as attorneys can make up to $144,000 dollars in one year; that’s just the number for this state alone, as the numbers can and will vary between states or countries.

Different Attorney Groups

            There are more than a few attorney groups operating within the Pennsylvania area. To name them all would take too long, so I’ll be going over just a few of the currently operating law firms within the state. So, for information, please look below.

  1. Fiffic Law Group

Fiffic Law Group is a firm that specializes in a variety of different subjects under the legal practice. These include bankruptcy, business law and corporate law, personal injury, criminal defense, and more. They’ve served the state of Pennsylvania for over 40 years, and also have offices in Pittsburgh, Radnor, and North Hills.

  • Romanow Law Group

Based in Pittsburgh and Maine, Romanow Law Group is a firm that bases their practice in automobile accidents. Named as “the car accident lawyers Pittsburgh depends on”, this firm deals with all manner of vehicular injuries, whether from cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. With settlements numbering up to over $20,000,000 dollars, Romanow Law Group is a firm that finds both justice and compensation for their clients.

  • Caldwell and Kearns

Caldwell and Kearns have been in service to the state of Pennsylvania in legal matters for over a century. Since the 1920s, they have brought no shortage of legal representation to the people of the state. Theirs is a name both established and respected, with knowledge of the law and its practice spanning decades. Experience is in no short supply with the people at Caldwell and Kearns. Learn more about the firm at the link.

  • Wyland Law Group

A law firm bases in western Pennsylvania, Wyland Law Group has the dedication and knowledge to defend their clients’ rights in the court of law. They deal in all manner of subjects, though they make their stand in criminal defense. This is a firm that will fight to the end for their clients, and embody the term ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

            And these are only a few of the known firms throughout Pennsylvania, as there are plenty more within the state with experience and knowledge abound. You can find more on the web, or through various yellow pages or even word of mouth. There is no shortage of the law in the keystone state.


            Law is a serious endeavor, and for those who practice it, it is an even more serious job to undertake. Learning about such helps to ensure that you and your rights are protected, whether in country or abroad. Attorneys are the people’s legal representatives, for both their innocence, and their guilt.

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