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How To Protect Yourself From a Dog Attack

Have you ever narrowly avoided being attacked by a dog? It’s important to know how to protect yourself from a pitbull dog attack in case you find yourself in a less-than-ideal scenario.

Dogs are the country’s most popular pets, and there are 69 million households that own at least one dog. The vast majority of them are friendly and well-behaved, but you never know when you might run into one that’s vicious.

Not knowing what to do can do you harm, so it’s important to look into this subject before it happens. Here’s what you need to know.


Carry Protection

To protect yourself from a dog attack, always carry protection with you. Small portable sprays, whistles, and keychains are great self-defense tools to ward off an attacking canine and fend off potential danger. Pepper sprays, which can be found in small containers, spray a painful mist that temporarily disorients an attacking dog and allows for an escape.

Whistles are loud and piercing and act as a great distraction to startle a charging dog. Small and handheld keychains are also great for fending off attacks, as they feature a bright red LED light and loud siren, which deters any threatening animal. 

Avoid Looking The Dog In The Eye

Keeping eye contact with an agitated dog is seen as a challenge and can drive the dog to become more defensive and aggressive. Instead, try averting your eyes from the dog, walking away softly and calmly, and speaking in a soft and low tone. If the dog does attack, curl into a ball and remain as still as possible.

Do not struggle, as this kind of movement could increase the chance of the dog biting you. If you feel like the dog is escalating, soften your eyes and remain as silent and still as possible. Make sure to cover your face with your arms or other clothing you may have on you.

Keep Your Mouth Closed

When faced with an attack dog, one of the best tips for protecting yourself is to keep your mouth closed. When a dog is feeling threatened, it may try to bite.

If you’re tempted to yell out in fear or surprise, you risk the dog going in for a bite if you open your mouth. Keeping your mouth closed also prevents you from inadvertently giving the dog aggressive cues.

If a dog attacks you, go limp and assume the submissive position. Your arms should be over your head as an additional barrier to protect yourself. Make sure to look at the dog out of the corner of your eye in order to remain aware of its actions and movements. Remain still and silent until the dog finds something else more interesting or until help arrives.

Read here about dog bite injury laws and take the time to know and respect the animal.

Protecting Yourself in the Event of a Dog Attack

Overall, if you encounter a dog, remain calm, slowly back away, place an object between you and the animal, and always stay aware of your surroundings. It’s essential to remember these tips to protect yourself in the event of a dog attack. These steps could help you stay safe and avoid potential danger.

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