How To Immigrate Through Canada's Express Entry System

How To Immigrate Through Canada’s Express Entry System

Canada is a popular choice for a lot of people looking to start a new life in a foreign country. The combination of its quality of life, economic opportunities, and options for raising a family makes it highly appealing. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to apply for a valid visa for a work permit or permanent residence. Many looking to work in Canada can benefit from the Express Entry system. So, how does it work?


What Is Express Entry?

Express Entry is a process designed to make it easier for immigrants to make it over to Canada. These applicants are generally economic immigrants with the potential to improve the workforce and make a positive difference in the country. Workers and graduates in this position can set up a profile and apply for an easier route to valid documentation.

The express entry process isn’t guaranteed to get you into the country. However, it can work in your favour if you are in the right position to apply. The best place to start is to check your eligibility with official government sources. It is crucial to get as much up-to-date information as possible directly from the source to avoid missing any important details or changes. From there, you can start getting your documents together to help you create your profile.

5 Crucial Pieces of Documentation

The documentation stage is tough and requires dedication and support. The more forms and documents of proof that applicants have, the better their chances. Here’s a quick run-down of what applicants need to consider.

1) Passport and travel documents

This is an essential starting point. Without a valid passport and proof of identification, there’s no way that immigrants can make it out of their country. So, they have to be sure that everything they need is up-to-date and accessible throughout the process.

2) Proof of education

Employers will want employees with the right educational qualifications. An educational credential assessment report can make a big difference. This will verify that a qualification earned in another country is both valid and equal to those Canadian students would receive.

3) Proof of nomination where necessary

Applicants with Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have a better chance of making it into Canada via Express Entry. Any form of nomination is a great way to fast-track the process. It shows that applicants have someone over in Canada ready to vouch for their skills and worth.

4) Employment documentation

Ideally, that nomination will come from an employer. They will state that the applicant is what they need for their company and the worth of a visa. It helps if applicants have a copy of the job offer as proof, as well as other documentation about their work experience and any trade qualifications.

5) Proof of funds

Finally, there is a proof of funds. Officials like to see proof of a Canadian bank account in the applicant’s name if they’ve already transferred money to Canada. They will also accept a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from any participating Canadian financial institution. The bigger issue for some applicants is the proof they have enough funds to start a new life and support all their dependents in Canada. The exact figure varies depending on the size of the family.

Determining Your Score And Chance of Approval

An important part of the Express Entry system is the score applicants receive based on their circumstances and the information given. This Comprehensive Ranking System process is perfect for those looking for work placements, but only if they have the right experience and skills to be of value. The higher their score, the better their chances. There are 1,200 points available. 600 of these rely on core skills and then there are an additional 600 for other factors.

Core points typically refer to skills and experience within the workforce related to the application. Those with a high level of transferability in their skills have a better chance of an invitation. It also helps if their family or partner has a similar level of education and strong language skills. Additional points may come from other skills or factors that could fast-track the process. For example, a nomination from a family member or employer in Canada, a province nomination, or a qualification from a Canadian institution. The ability to speak French will also go down well.

Waiting For Approval

This is arguably the hardest part for applicants. As stressful as it can get setting up the profile and getting all the documentation in order, that’s all within their control. They then have to leave the profile in the hands of the authorities and hope for the best. Those who have a high enough score will receive an invitation to apply for the scheme. This is commonly known as an ITA, or Invitation To Apply. They must submit that formal application, with all the appropriate documentation, within 60 of receiving the invitation.

Working With Top Immigration Consultants

Whatever your situation when immigrating to Canada, it helps to have a professional immigration consultant on your side. The best law firms dealing with immigration law can talk applicants and nominees through the process and offer advice on their cases. They are also available for those struggling to get into Canada due to failed claims or complications with their nominations. You can set up an online consultation to learn more about the options and how to help those in need.

Canada’s Express Entry system has its pros and cons for applicants looking to work in Canada. Many find this route lives up to its name. Their profile and score are so appealing that they get an invitation to apply and are on their way to becoming documented employees in Canada. However, it isn’t going to work for those who lack the experience and skills to meet the requirements. This is why it’s so important to understand the eligibility rules, be honest with the profile, and be prepared for the worst. As long as applicants are realistic and have the support of expert immigration consultants, they have a better chance of making it into the country somehow.

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