Protect your money by avoiding timeshare property scams with these simple steps. Don't let fraudsters take advantage of you!

How to Avoid Timeshare Property Scams

Are you planning a getaway? Is it making you want to check out timeshare apartment properties? As a travel option, timeshares can be a nice compromise for those who like to travel a lot but do not want to pay for the escalating hotel prices.

However, if you are not careful, timeshare property scams are a real danger. If you want to make sure you find the right property, keep reading to discover how to protect yourself.


Be Aware of Unsolicited Offers

Be aware of unsolicited offers when it comes to buying a timeshare property. Be suspicious of offers that require you to pay a fee upfront, or that let you back out of the deal and insist that it only take a few minutes to sign the paperwork.

Make sure that the company you are dealing with is licensed and recognized, and do not agree to any offer that you haven’t seen in writing. Trust your instincts, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Identify Unreasonable Pressure Tactics

One of the best ways to avoid timeshare scams is to always be on the lookout for signs of unreasonable pressure tactics. Before agreeing to anything or signing any documents, be sure to read them very carefully.

If a salesperson is overly pushy or tries to guilt or scare you into making a purchase, walk away and find another timeshare. Try to get everything in writing, and never pay in cash.

Above all, make sure you fully understand all of the terms and conditions before making any commitments. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, and further research is advised.

Ask For Written Documentation

Make sure that all forms of payment have been clearly detailed and that the timeshare owner’s contracts are legitimate and verifiable. Don’t rely on verbal assurances. Obtain written paperwork to prove the agreement has been fulfilled.

Learn about your rights and obligations when signing contracts. Be aware of high-pressure sales tactics and never agree to any contracts during a sales pitch.

If you have doubts about the legitimacy of the timeshare agreement, consult a real estate lawyer before committing. If a timeshare company won’t provide written documentation or declines to answer any of your questions, it’s best to learn how to cancel timeshare contract.

Familiarize Yourself With Local Laws

It is important to become familiar with local laws when considering timeshare property. Make sure the timeshare is registered with the local government.

Research the laws in the state, county, and city where the property is located, as timeshare regulations vary by location. Make sure to understand how timeshare transfers and sales are legally conducted.

You should also check with the business or industry regulatory departments for additional information. Have a real estate attorney or other legal advisor review any contracts before signing them to ensure they are legally binding. 

Avoid Timeshare Property Scams

Overall, it is important to avoid timeshare property scams in order to protect your finances and your well-being. By taking these steps, you will be seen as an informed and prepared investor. 

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